Custom Editor Button 2

Custom Editor Button 2 provides pluggable custom buttons framework to Movable Type's Entry Editor.

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ceb_screen1.pngif you'd successfully installed this plugin, buttons appear in your entry editor automatically. just click them to use the buttons, same as the default buttons.


you may change the order of the buttons by simply drag and drop.

save_pref.pngafter changing the order, click the disk icon to save.

ceb_box.png if you want to remove some button, just drop to the pocket icon. click to open the pocket and drag to the list if you want the button back to list.


you can add more buttons, via writting and installing plugins.
wanna build your own custom buttons? see writting custom button plugins.


Movable type, greater than 4.1.
Firefox 2 or IE7(now i'm working).

i don't know how to write good application for IE6.




  • add "pocket" new feature
  • better look and feel on dragging
  • [plugin] be able to create text buttons
  • [plugin] new options for callback
  • 0.1 (20080302)

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