BuildTracer is rich MT Template Visualizer.
it will help you writing, performance tuning, and analyzing for MT templates.

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What the plugin does?

Logging the rebuild sequence of the each MT generated page, and Visualizing the block structure of MT tags, elapsed time, etc.


  • Visualizing the block structure of MT tags
  • Tracing the result of <mt:if> evaluation
  • Display the current instance of MT variable
  • Display the processing time of the each sequence


this plugin is designed for MT4.1 (or MTOS4.1).
just because the tracer engine emulates the MT4.1's build proccess.
maybe the plugin will run with MT4.0, but we cannot trust the result of trace.
also, doesnt suit for PHP DynamicPublishing users.

this plugin is good to use on firefox 2. maybe it will move on Internet Explorer 7, but it does not move on Internet Explorer 6.


two directories, "plugins" and "mt-static" are inclueded in zip package. extract and upload plugins/BuildTracer and mt-static/plugins/BuildTracer to your MT's same place.

How to run the tracer

you can access the tracer by these ways below.

from Fileinfo List

by installing BuildTracer, a command "Fileinfo" will appear in each blog's manage menu.
you can view the list of all files of the blog that were created by MT.


you can view the trace result by clicking for each file.

from bookmarklet

you can open the tracer from bookmarklet, too. currently it is very simple implementation, so if you run bookmarklet with the webpage that's NOT of your blog, will show a error. don't mind.


MIT License (since 20130716)

known problems

  • checked "stash->template" on tracing archive templates will cause of a fatal the stash watcher has removed.
  • to trace, we build the file again, and it overwrite an existing file of your blog. at the implementation at the first release. some situation, for example, your template uses an <mt:date> tag for showing the last modified date, it will become new files.fixed at 0.2

change log

0.31 (20080224)
  • fixed the fault about JSON with IE7
  • new feature, the autorun added.
  • displaying array and hash in JSON in the array table.
  • fix some look and feel of buttons.
  • displaying the forgotten bookmarklet link.
  • (inside) cache to trace the vars
  • (inside) source codes were parted to smaller files.
0.3 (20080217)
  • comes new interface
  • backstep some functions (ex. stash watcher has removed)
0.2 (20080211)
  • fix a problem about ovatwriting an existing blog files at trace
  • be able to wathing "stash"
0.1 (20080204)

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