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June 4, 2010

Visualizing MT template's dependencies

I wrote a new plugin named "Include Map".

What can do with it?

  • Add new widget that to show list of templates that including current template, on template editing screen.
  • add Include map screen that to show visualized including graph like below


Where can I get it?

you can get from github

How can I use it?

Include Map plugin will save dependency informations to DB at saving templates. you can build full dependency map by run "Rebuild Include Map" plugin action on blog/website listing screen.

and, you can see visualized map from Design > Include map on every blog/website menu.
this screen is using HTML5 canvas, and (maybe) Internet Explorer can't render them. never mind.


this plugin adds a new table for database. I don't recommend to install this plugin into commercial installed MTs.

Am working for OAuth Framework for MT

When you want to write Movable Type plugin that to access to external web service, sometime using OAuth is required.

It's bother plugin developer about implementing OAuth handshake routine for each plugin, and end users is bothering to configure about OAuth consumer setting for each plugin, too.
And, yes, I'm start writing a plugin that to do manage OAuth settings for other plugins.

the plugin provides functions to;

  • Share authentication endpoints and other informations about OAuth service providers.
  • Keep MT informations as OAuth consumer
  • Do handshake methods
  • Save and manage OAuth tokens of each MT users with each OAuth service providers

you can check out latest code from http://github.com/aklaswad/mt-plugin-oauth-framework.

and you can check documents at http://wiki.github.com/aklaswad/mt-plugin-oauth-framework/( sorry, it's written in Japanese, currently ).

If you're interested in this plugin, and have some thought, let me know by commenting on this thread, or post an issue on github ITS.

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