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July 16, 2007


I am aklaswad from japan, am Movable Type big fan and am writting a few plugins.

almost of MT users didn't know much about my plugins. because all of my plugins have been documented only in Japanese till today.so, now, i'm going to make an archive of them, and to write their documentation in English.

and for that, i build a new blog and now i'm trying to write a first post in English.
it' too hard for me enough to make me having a headache.
i need a pill...

ok, i got drunk and headache has gone.

now this site is still under the construction. i'll put my plugins soon. please come back again in a few days later.
and this site is published by MT4beta, it's very exciting to hack the newest Movable Type.
i'll try to write blog about customizing with Movable Type 4.


p.s. for Japanese reader: you can look for more entries here.

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